Bringing you Up-to-date (06-Oct-17)

This brief report will bring you up to date. Online donations to I4H via PayPal are now preferred over donations via CanadaHelps. I4H registered as a CRA Charity with PayPal, reducing service fees from 4% to ~2% Meanwhile CanadaHelps raised their service fees from 3% to 3.5% What we Really Need, are several more sizeable [...]

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We’re Back! (21-May-17)

After a 10-week hiatus, we’re back, and raring to go! Since I last wrote, I4H suffered more set-backs. We must be doing God’s work, since forces opposed to helping God’s marginalized children have tried to derail us; including “Hacking” this website, and other surreal events; but enough “acknowledgement” of the vandals... Thanks to the Techno-Wizardry [...]

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Update & Thank You to Fundraiser Attendees & Donors!

I’ve been absent from Blog updates for a while. During this time Maureen suffered yet another setback, requiring further heart surgery. Treatment for “water on the heart” (a congenital condition, made worse by November attack) was successful, and Maureen is again recovering “slowly by slowly”. Please continue to pray for her full recovery. Meanwhile, I4H [...]

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Update on Maureen’s Recovery (27-Jan-17)

Maureen’s recovery was recently interrupted by a setback. She began acting strangely, and was unable to speak coherently. Alarmed, Robert called our Medical Angel Dr Martin Sengendo. Dr Martin answered his cell-phone; unfortunately, he was in Tanzania! But he directed Robert to take Maureen to a specific Doctor at Mulago hospital. Maureen was in hospital [...]

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One Miracle Short (13-Jan-17)

You may have heard the expression “One brick short of a load”? Well, we just ended up “One Miracle short of a solid future”. First, let us give Thanks to God for the major miracles we Did receive: Dr Martin Sengendo had just returned from France the day Maureen and Brighton were attacked; he was [...]

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Tabula thank you message (21-Dec-16)

A message just received from Robert Tabula (with my editorial comments). It is with please (pleasure) that I write this message to you our beloved relatives and friends. Today at 6 pm we were officially discharged from the Case Hospital (International Hospital Kampala). Maureen is better than (when) she went to this hospital (after return [...]

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Behold, I bring you Good Tidings of Great Joy! 18-Dec-16

Tonight, Robert Tabula came on Skype with miraculous news! Not only have Maureen & Dr Martin returned to Kampala from Nairobi, but Maureen was able to greet Robert when they met at the airport (he accompanied the International Hospital Ambulance which picked them up at EBB – 45 miles away - and returned them to [...]

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Maureen & Brighton update from Robert & Wheat Ridge Foundation Interview

Today, Robert reported 3 pieces of good news: - Brighton is well enough to go home from hospital with Robert - Maureen is now conscious; she recognizes Dr Martin (smiles when he enters room) - Dr Martin may be able to bring her back to Kampala in as few as 4-5 days In other news, [...]

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Maureen update from Dr Sengendo

On 12/12/16, sengendo martin wrote: Hello both Roberts, hope all is well with you. I know you can not be well because of Maureen but we are doing all possible to restore Maureen's life. She is picking up slowly by slowly. She is still having trouble with the heart. We have gotten a heart expert [...]

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Maureen & Brighton Update (11-Dec-16)

On 06/12/16, Robert Tabula wrote: Brighton has not returned to his senses well like he has been and the doctor are fighting hard to restore this. He has serious chest pain which they are trying to treat, it seems he was thrown down seriously or stomped on, hence sustaining the chest pain. On 08/12/16, Robert [...]

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