Bringing you Up-to-date (06-Oct-17)

This brief report will bring you up to date.

  1. Online donations to I4H via PayPal are now preferred over donations via CanadaHelps.
    • I4H registered as a CRA Charity with PayPal, reducing service fees from 4% to ~2%
    • Meanwhile CanadaHelps raised their service fees from 3% to 3.5%
  2. What we Really Need, are several more sizeable monthly donors!
    Become an I4H Hero, go to the Donations page and sign up for Monthly Donations!
  3. Website Success Stories have finally been restored to pre “Hacked” version;
    then revised & expanded to reflect my recent trip to Uganda
  4. Internet for Humanity – Uganda is officially certified as Non-Governmental Organization
    “”, website is launched: specifically for I4H-Uganda
  5. The Bulk SMS project is still in development; we have successfully manually tested sending messages to 118 “understanding-test-recipients” all at once; Is that called “Alpha-Testing”?
    Now to fine-tune the User-Interface, proceed to “Beta-Testing”, and final implementation!
  6. Unfortunately, Robert Tabula and I have discerned that we must keep our heads down, and our mouths shut until after news-worthy events have occurred.
    It is our experience that when we shout details of our good-news plans “from the mountain-top” (ie; on this website), forces in Uganda who wish to discredit/destroy I4H &/or Tabula have twisted that information against us; sometimes with devastating effects.
    We don’t understand the mind of those who would work against people trying to help God’s impoverished children. The paradox is that we are much more effective when we are quiet.
  7. Now that my June/July trip is completed, I can report that it was very successful. It was truly wonderful to visit all the sites; to hear & see the positive effects in health-care, education, and farmer co-op development brought about by the 15 operating XGate/XWeb installations.

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