Robert Tabula (left) and Robert Porter (right) have been working together since 2011 with the common goal of bringing access to information through the use of computers.

Robert Tabula was born in a remote village in northeast Uganda where he worked in the fields growing rice. With limited education opportunities, his family relocated to the town of Bugembe where he was able to attend a proper school. Quickly emerging as a leader within the community, Robert graduated from Jinja Senior Secondary School in 2007 and Busoga University with a BS in Chemistry and Biology. After completing a second BS degree in Information Technology in 2015, Robert currently teaches Biology, Chemistry and IT and St. Florence Senior Secondary School. With some setbacks in the past regarding health and safety, Mr. Tabula’s resilience and passion for Internet for Humanity’s mission is unwavering.

Robert Porter was born in Saskatchewan, Canada into a family of farmers. After graduating from Weyburn Collegiate Institute in 1971, Robert obtained a BA in Physics in 1974 from St. Olaf College in Northfield, Minnesota. His awareness and passion about the issues developed while serving as a Witness for Peace Volunteer in Guatemala in 1988. In the mid 2000’s, he recognized the potential of applying email and internet technologies developed for ocean-yachts to the equally isolated situations of rural villages in developing countries. With the mission to bring affordable and reliable email and internet capabilities to the mist remote locations, the idea for Internet for Humanity was born.