Rugando Vocational Institute


Hima High School



  • US$ 20 Account Set Up Fee (One Time)
  • US $5 per 3 Month Contract
  • US $10 One Time Fee for Multiple Users

XGATE Use for Solar or Intermittent Grid Systems

  • Single User Accounts can access email programs through any internet connection
  • Multi-User Accounts via Local Area Network (Solar Battery Powered) available through XGATE LAN Locations
  • All Accounts are Password Protected

1st Year Start Up Costs: Satellite Modem

  • US $1500 Modem
  • US $1200 Data Time
  • US $40 Administration Costs
  • Total US $2,740
  • Following Years Total Cost US $1,220

1st Year Start Up Costs: Cell Phone Modem

  • US $150 Modem
  • US $120 Data Time
  • US $40 Administration Costs
  • Total US $310
  • Following Years Total Cost US $140


Internet in Uganda

GMN XGate can be implemented in the following scenarios:

1) Single-user (Primary Account) on specific computer

- accessed via any email program (eg: Thunderbird)

- portable; can also be accessed via GMN internet webmail from any internet connection

2) Multiple-user (Sub-Accounts) via Local Area Network (LAN)

- many individual sub-accounts are compressed and optimized for send/receive

- sub-accounts are accessed via “GMN XGate web-mail” at any computer on the LAN

- sub-accounts are NOT portable; they are available only at the XGate LAN

- this account is ideal for a school with computer lab, or a multi-office hospital/clinic

Note: Each Primary Account or Sub-Account is password protected.

Refer to for complete XGate/XWeb details.