Tabula thank you message (21-Dec-16)

A message just received from Robert Tabula (with my editorial comments).
It is with please (pleasure) that I write this message to you our beloved relatives and friends. Today at 6 pm we were officially discharged from the Case Hospital (International Hospital Kampala). Maureen is better than (when) she went to this hospital (after return from Nairobi) and will continue to get her treatment from home and will frequently be checked on by Doctor Martin (Sengendo) despite his body weakness at the moment (from flu/cold; see previous blog).
I have not been able to communicate for some time because of the challenges you know well that we face here.
We would love to thank you Mr. Robert Porter and family for your love and support through this situation that we are going through and also those that have dedicated their prayers to us through this trying moment. May the Lord surely give you what your hearts desire.
I will seat (remain at?) home to look after Maureen and Brighton for they are my joy. Hopefully you will be able to talk to Maureen tomorrow after she is rested.

Thank you big
God bless
Robert Tabula
Tel: +256-706 501 032

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