One Miracle Short (13-Jan-17)

You may have heard the expression “One brick short of a load”?
Well, we just ended up “One Miracle short of a solid future”.
First, let us give Thanks to God for the major miracles we Did receive:

  • Dr Martin Sengendo had just returned from France the day Maureen and Brighton were attacked; he was able to immediately assess them and ascertain that Maureen needed to be air-lifted to Nairobi to save her life.
  • Dr Martin committed to accompany Maureen to Nairobi to do the delicate brain-surgery himself; to repair the skull fractures and remove multiple blood-clots
  • Dr Martin remained with Maureen over 2 weeks as her “family care-giver” sleeping on the concrete floor under her bed; coming down with severe cold in the process
  • Maureen is expected to fully recover!!
  • Meanwhile, Brighton has fully recovered as well


Now, Most Unfortunately; I turn to the Miracle we did not receive:

  • Mr Eric Hawley, chair of Wheat Ridge Ministries Grant Selection Committee called yesterday to inform me that I4H did not receive the $49,500 USD 3-year grant
  • He informed me that,
    • although I4H exceeded all selection criteria, and,
    • although the Selection Committee unanimously recommended this project, and,
    • although he personally encouraged us to reapply and mentored our re-application, and,
    • he succinctly summarized the situation, saying “This grant would totally transform the lives of not only [I4H Country Coordinator] Robert Tabula and family, but literally thousands of Ugandan subsistence farmers”…

Nevertheless, Mr Paul Miles, Wheat Ridge President, personally vetoed our application.

  • Contrary to the advertized criteria of the Grants, Mr Miles disqualified us because the funds would be used outside of USA.

We are devastated and demoralized.

The powers of darkness/fear are definitely present in this process/decision.
God is greater than Mr Miles’s ability to thwart Love. God is Love. God’s Angels will double-down again to lead us to a more authentic source of solid funding… One in tune with Love.

Yea, truly, they are already hard at work to counter Mr Miles’s fear and isolationism.

Our task is to not give up hope; instead to try to discern God’s will and new direction, even – yes, especially – now, when it might appear on the surface, that God has abandoned us.

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