Update on Maureen’s Recovery (27-Jan-17)

Maureen’s recovery was recently interrupted by a setback. She began acting strangely, and was unable to speak coherently. Alarmed, Robert called our Medical Angel Dr Martin Sengendo. Dr Martin answered his cell-phone; unfortunately, he was in Tanzania! But he directed Robert to take Maureen to a specific Doctor at Mulago hospital. Maureen was in hospital for 5 days, but was then able to be discharged. I have spoken with both Robert & Maureen on several occasions since. She is again fully coherent and “present”. Thanks be to God!
I agree with Robert’s assessment: Maureen is again improving “slowly by slowly each day”.
Let us continue to pray unceasingly for her full recovery.
… Meanwhile Brighton is fully recovered; he is a rambunctious 21-month-old, who is “a real handful” says Robert with a joyous laugh. When I asked if his own mother would say the same of him at that age, Robert laughed again. It is my joy to elicit joyful laughter from Robert!

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