Behold, I bring you Good Tidings of Great Joy! 18-Dec-16

Tonight, Robert Tabula came on Skype with miraculous news! Not only have Maureen & Dr Martin returned to Kampala from Nairobi, but Maureen was able to greet Robert when they met at the airport (he accompanied the International Hospital Ambulance which picked them up at EBB – 45 miles away – and returned them to the Hospital) with “Hi, How are you?” (a required protocol in Uganda!)
Robert & I both broke down sobbing as he relayed that, on their trip back to the hospital, Maureen said to him from the stretcher “Promise that, no matter what happens to me, you will keep working to help the poor”.
Dr Martin (who was totally exhausted, and ill with bad flu) says Maureen should fully recover!!!

Robert asked me to please thank everyone who has prayed unceasingly for Maureen and Dr Martin.
Please continue to pray for both Maureen and Dr Martin!

I want to relay one more thing. I don’t know very much about Dr Martin Sengendo. But Robert reports that when he returned exhausted, he had the authority to assign the Director of International Hospital to personally look after Maureen until he can rest and recover from his flu!
So, it is with some amazement that I also relay; not only did Dr Martin drop all his duties in Uganda to travel to Nairobi to be Maureen’s personal brain surgeon, he then stayed with her 24/7, sleeping on the concrete hospital floor, Africa-style, as her “family care-giver”.

Thanks be to God!

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