Maureen & Brighton update from Robert & Wheat Ridge Foundation Interview

Today, Robert reported 3 pieces of good news:
– Brighton is well enough to go home from hospital with Robert
– Maureen is now conscious; she recognizes Dr Martin (smiles when he enters room)
– Dr Martin may be able to bring her back to Kampala in as few as 4-5 days

In other news, Robert’s parents have sold a plot of land, and 2 cows to help pay the increased costs from Brighton’s longer-than-anticipated hospital stay, plus Maureen’s worse-than-anticipated heart-trauma

Also today, I (Rob Porter) was interviewed for 90 minutes by Wheat Ridge Foundation as they winnow 10 finalists down to 5 successful $50,000 USD Grant applicants. We will be informed by personal phone call during the first week of January.
We have gotten this far before. I can only pray, and ask you to pray with me, that they look favourably upon the work we have done, and could greatly expand in Uganda over the next 3 years.

Please don’t stop praying.
And note:
– contributions you make to Internet for Humanity go towards our charitable mission.
– they will receive tax-credit/deduction receipts
– contributions you make to me personally go directly toward  Tabula medical expenses
– they are not eligible to receive tax-credit/deduction receipts


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