Maureen & Brighton Update (11-Dec-16)

On 06/12/16, Robert Tabula wrote:
Brighton has not returned to his senses well like he has been and the doctor are fighting hard to restore this. He has serious chest pain which they are trying to treat, it seems he was thrown down seriously or stomped on, hence sustaining the chest pain.

On 08/12/16, Robert Tabula wrote:
Brighton’s situation yesterday was not good again, doctors have discovered that he has contracted malaria again and because his body has been weak, this is affecting him much.
We continue to pray for him and thank you for your prayer and all that are praying for us.

On 09/12/16, sengendo martin wrote:
The second operation of Maureen was successful though two of her ribs are seriously injured and will take time and patience to get well. The brain expert will examine her on Tuesday.
Good news is that today she was able to lift her hand for the first time since the incident.
She is able to go off oxygen support for some time though not the whole day.
This is a good report and response.
We detected her heart also received a shock and from my understanding, she has ever had a heart disease which seems to have made her heart weak to reacting to such shock. But doctors are doing all possible to handle all situations.
I will be giving you reports as we proceed with the different treatments.

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