Opportunity to provide ongoing medical coverage for whole Tabula Family!

One year ago Robert Tabula was just discharged from ICU for blood-clot to heart; while wife Maureen was headed toward Cerebral Malaria, plus Typhoid Fever, just prior to almost dying during breach-child-delivery.

It has been a tough year for the Tabula family, with both Robert and Maureen, AND baby Adam being re-admitted for more bouts of severe Malaria.

Now comes an opportunity to obtain ongoing timely medical expertise for the entire family!

Dr Martin Segundo, the ICU doctor who saved both Robert & Maureen, suggested a “worthy humanitarian medical clinic” for Internet for Humanity to support by providing a small computer-network with Internet access. The Stero Medical Clinic is different from other medical providers in Uganda. Instead of “User-Pay”, it is more like a Co-op, whereby members pay what they can each month; and then are eligible for that amount of care (and more, once they have established a consistent record of contributions).

As the Universe unfolds, Stero Clinic is within walking distance from Tabula residence.

They are extremely interested in a 3-computer system: one for “intake”, one for “accounts”, and one for the Director.

I suggested that Robert inquire whether they would consider bartering; providing medical care for the Tabula family in return for the computers, installation, plus ongoing support/training/maintenance by Robert.
The enthusiastically agreed!
We promised them a system ASAP.

Already, both Maureen and baby Adam have been treated at Stero; including 2 days of IV fluids for Adam, suffering from dysentery-dehydration. This is at no charge, in good-faith that we will deliver their compressed internet/e-mail system soon!

The cost of the 3 computers, plus router, etc comes to $2,650 CAD ($1,850 USD).

Please help us help Stero Clinic, and (particularly?) help the Tabula family gain some competent medical attention AND financial stability at the same time?!

For most impact, please contribute directly to Internet for Humanity (formerly REMCU) by cheque.
BUT, if it is more convenient for you, please know that you are welcome to contribute online at internetforhumanity.org (both US & Cdn contributions are eligible for tax-deduction/credit receipts)

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