REMCU Name-change to Internet for Humanity


After 10 years, our legal name is outdated. While the name “Radio-E-Mail Connections Unlimited” seemed “racy” and exciting 10 years ago, it now evokes more antique-nostalgia than excitement.

Now, our main offering is optimized Internet Browsing.

Yes, we still save over 75% of data for e-mail communications, but Dr Google has transformed the world; so now, saving 75% of data for such online activities as Google Searches, and Plant Village disease-diagnosis are the main uses of our Information & Communications Technology Centres.

Our mission remains the same: to bring reliable, sustainable digital communications to marginalized communities, especially healh-care providers, schools, and farmer-cooperatives.

A more appropriate name is: Internet for Humanity

And so, pursuant to our Society Bylaws (incorporated under BC Societies Act), we intend to change our name from:

 – Radio-E-Mail Connections Unlimited – Communications Development Society (REMCU)


 – Internet for Humanity Society (IFH)

This blog post constitutes the required 2 week notice to REMCU members of a Special Meeting, to be held on 29-Jan-2016 via Skype conference call, to vote on the name-change resolution.

To be included in the Skype call, simply notify Rob Porter at

Thank you.

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