Robert Tabula Breaks his Leg

On Sunday, 06-Mar-2016, Robert Tabula had another most unfortunate accident. He broke his leg.

I will write another blog entry about the wonderful Internet for Humanity Users Group Conference which Robert and Dennis Asingwiire (super-user manager of Katerera ACE) arranged for all the beneficiaries of our Information/Communications Technology Centres (ICTCs). It was held in Kyotera, Uganda, for 3 days from Fri, 4th of March, through Sun, 6th. Managers from 9 of the 10 current ACEs attended. By all accounts, it was an unqualified success. Stay tuned for more info!

BUT; On his way back from Kyotera to his home north of Kampala, as Robert exited a “taxi”, his shirt was caught in the door as the vehicle sped away. Robert was dragged along until he fell into a concrete ditch, badly banging his head on the pavement, and breaking a leg on a concrete barrier.

Robert is in extreme pain. The Stero Clinic (at which the “Barter-System-for-Medical-Care” has not yet been installed) could offer only pain-medication. They don’t have X-ray equipment.

Dr Martin Segundo (the E.R Physician who saved both Robert & Maureen last year) got Robert in for X-Ray, and confirmed a cracked bone, below the knee.

I’m not sure why, but Robert reports that the cost of treatment is about $1,500 CAD.

I AM sure that it must be true. Robert has never exaggerated costs, nor taken any advantage of us in any way; especially concerning money.


Note: Contributions to Robert’s care do not qualify for tax-credit/deduction in Canada or USA. Robert’s medical expenses are beyond the Charitable Mandate of Internet for Humanity.

By donating through this link, the funds will go directly to pay for Robert’s Leg Medical Expenses.

Thank you for your generous compassion!

– Rob Porter


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