2020 Uganda Starvation Relief

2020 Uganda Starvation Relief

In the midst of Covid 19, Robert Tabula informed I4H about  the horrors that were occurring in Uganda due to lack of income for nearly 2 months. With little to no food for weeks on end, thousands were beginning to starve . Robert asked for

help and through our network of amazing, generous donors, Internet for Humanity was able to send thousands of dollars for starvation relief as well as medical bills for one of our own. 

In the months of May and June 2020, I4H was able to help:

 ▪Feed 10,500+ over 10 days

▪ Save ~450 critical patients by transport to hospitals, including “on the spot” blood transfusions!

▪ Raise one boy to life, who had been declared dead

Sadly, in the village there was

▪ The loss of 15 innocent people to starvation

▪The responsibility to bury 5 people virtually alone

▪ Suffering life-threatening infections: Strep, and Tetanus; and the most virulent strain of cerebral malaria

We thank everyone for their support during this trying time. With your help we were able to  prevent thousands from dying from starvation.