Internet for Humanity (I4H) offers optimized (compressed) internet email accounts and web browsing at nominal cost to humanitarian and community development organizations working in remote and/or impoverished settings worldwide.

Through the generosity of Global Marine Networks (GMN), Internet for Humanity offers the XGate/XWeb email/browsing program, which employs sophisticated data compression to optimize text and attachment email and web browsing communications. When combined with XGate/XWeb, cell-phone modems or satellite modems offer the best value for reliable, cost-conscious email/browsing services in remote locations. Data compression is ideal for use with these slow-speed modems, and is especially cost effective for satellite modems, where the unit data cost is ten times higher than for cell-modems. Together with proprietary GMN Routers (WiFi HotSpots), XGate/XWeb permits secure internet access restrictions, so users can avoid costly, data-intensive internet activities such as data-streaming and inadvertent program updates (eg: MS-Windows, MS-Office, Java, antivirus, etc).

Internet for Humanity Fees for Humanitarian Email Accounts*

For single-user account: 
US$20 account setup fee, plus $5 per 3-month contract
($40 for 1st year; $20 for subsequent years)

For multiple-user account:
same as above, plus one-time $10.00 sub-account setup fee

Internet for Humanity Email Clients are responsible for the cost of a wireless modem and connection; via either a local cell-phone company, or a BGAN satellite company.

Notes: No extra charge for XWeb privileges
prices subject to change without notice

Cost Examples:

  • a “typical” 1-page MS-Word format letter attachmentwith small letter-head logo: ~50kb (~40kb via XGate)

  • the same message content, sent via unformatted “Text-mode” email: ~2kb (~1.5kb via XGate)

  • cost of cell-phone modem ~US$150; cost per Mega-byte of data ~US$0.40 via cell-phone modem

  • cost of satellite modem ~$1,500; cost per Mb data ~US$4.00 via satellite modem

With the above assumptions:

Cost of 1,000 1-page standard formatted (letterhead) messages:

~ $16 via cell-phone modem; ~ $160 via satellite

Cost of 1,000 1-page compressed unformatted messages:
$0.80 via cell-phone modem; $8 via satellite

Note: Minimum “Per Use Charge,” and “pre-paid data” min. block-size/ max. shelf-life vary by cell-phone provider/country, and must be researched for each prospective situation. Actual cost per message will increase if minimum data block cannot be utilized before it expires.

Representative cost for 1st year:

(1,000 “typical” formatted attachment emails sent; plus 1,000 received)

Using cell-phone modem:                 Using satellite modem:
$150 modem                                        $1,500 modem

$32 data time ^                                   $320 data time ^^

$40 I4H account admin                    $40 I4H account admin

$222 Total cost                                    $1,860 Total cost

Representative cost per subsequent year:   

$32 data time *                                   $320 data time**

$20 I4H account admin                   $20 I4H account admin

$52 Total cost                                     $340 Total cost

^ cell-modem data cost decreases from $32 to $1.60 if unformatted text messages are used.

^^ satellite modem data cost decreases from $320 to $16 if unformatted text messages are used.

* Internet for Humanity can provide XGate/XWeb accounts for retail customers; contact Internet for Humanity for information and pricing.

Internet for Humanity  also offers consultation/design for solar or ‘intermittent grid’ systems in remote locations where electrical power infrastructure is lacking. These Local Area Network (LAN) systems rely on solar-charged battery-powered laptops.

XGate can be implemented in the following scenarios:

1) Single-user (Primary Account) on specific computer 

  • accessed via any email program (eg: Thunderbird)

  • portable; can also be accessed by GMN internet webmail from any internet connection

2) Multiple-user (Sub-Accounts) via Local Area Network (LAN)

  • many individual sub-accounts are compressed and optimized for send/receive

  • sub-accounts are accessed via “GMN XGate web-mail” at any computer on the LAN

  • sub-accounts are NOT portable; they are available only at the XGate LAN

  • this account is ideal for a school with computer lab, or a multi-office hospital/clinic

Note: Each Primary Account or Sub-Account is password protected.

Refer to for complete XGate/XWeb details.